Exposing Injustice,
Empowering Integrity

Your voice can spark change. Report wrongdoing anonymously.


Ensuring data security through 2FA, end-to-end encryption, and external penetration tests is our top priority.


Navigate regulatory demands, safeguard your organization, and address whistleblower reports in alignment with national laws with confidence.

Securing Anonymity

We prioritize whistleblower protection, offering a retaliation-free reporting platform with absolute confidentiality.

Key Features

Features that Matter: Protecting Your Voice, Preserving Integrity.

Customised Reporting Site

Easily personalize your reporting portal with customizable options—add your logo and branding, modify text, and tailor the whistleblower reporting page by adding or removing questions.

Compliance-Driven Whistle-Blower System

Facilitating robust two-way anonymous communication between your organization and whistleblowers. Stay informed with timely alerts for new disclosures from whistleblowers.

Advanced Case Management Module

Experience advanced and intuitive case management with features including real-time notifications, investigator assignment, deadline reminders, investigator feedback, risk categorization, user access controls, detailed documentation, and insightful analytics.

Insightful Dashboards

Gain a comprehensive view of case metrics, track the status of each report from whistleblowers, and access detailed statistics and diverse data through our user-friendly dashboards.

Our Approach to Security is Rooted In 3 Fundamental Principles:

Secure By Design

Emphasizing proactive measures, we integrate security considerations at the foundational stages of our systems and processes. This ensures that security is an inherent aspect, not an add-on, minimizing vulnerabilities from the outset.

Embedded Compliance

We incorporate adherence to industry standards and legal regulations into the very fabric of our systems. By design, we ensure alignment with all necessary requirements, creating a secure environment that meets both internal protocols and external expectations.

Continuos Surveillance

Acknowledging the dynamic landscape of security threats, our dedication surpasses mere initial implementation. Through ongoing surveillance, we stay vigilant, swiftly detecting and mitigating emerging risks to ensure the continued resilience and efficacy of our security measures.

Why Have a WhistleSentinel?

Empowering Integrity, Safeguarding Tomorrow: Choose WhistleSentinel.

Whistleblowing is important for organizations because it promotes internal accountability, helps manage risks, fosters an ethical culture, ensures legal compliance, drives improvement and innovation, protects stakeholders, and satisfies regulatory requirements.

Whistleblowing mechanisms provide an internal avenue for employees to report misconduct, fraud, or other unethical behavior within the organization. This helps ensure that employees feel empowered to speak up when they witness wrongdoing, promoting accountability at all levels.

Choosing a whistle blowing system offers distinct advantages: Compliance with EU Whistleblowing Laws: Online systems align with EU whistleblowing laws by providing secure reporting channels that guarantee anonymity and allow for feedback—a level of assurance not achievable with solutions like physical or virtual mailboxes.
Robust Data Security: The right online system ensures high levels of data security, meeting GDPR requirements. This guarantees confidential and timely communication and feedback with whistleblowers.
Accessibility for All Stakeholders: An online solution makes the whistleblowing system easily accessible to all stakeholders, as it can be conveniently linked on a website, ensuring broad availability."

Compliance Assurance : WhistleSentinel ensures compliance with local regulations, offering both a reporting channel and a case management tool within a single platform.
User-Friendly Interface: Provides an intuitive platform for easy reporting and case management.
Comprehensive Case Management: Everything you need in one place. WhistleSentinel's Case Management feature handles tasks from receiving alerts for new reports and deadlines to facilitating anonymous and secure communication with whistleblowers.
Data Security: Your data is in safe hands with WhistleSentinel. Employing preventive measures like multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, coupled with hosting data on secure servers, ensures compliance with GDPR and robust protection of your information.

Some of our happy customers

" Seamless setup and swift responses. WhistleSentinel has instilled a sense of security within our company as our trusted whistleblowing system provider. "

- Deepak Tamhankar C.E.O

" Implementing WhistleSentinel has significantly strengthened our corporate governance. The platform's secure and confidential reporting system has not only boosted employee confidence but has also proven instrumental in early detection and resolution of potential issues. "

- Datta Kapse P.A

" WhistleSentinel has user-friendly interface and robust anonymity features empower employees to speak up, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. "

- Arvind Yadav M.D
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